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by Slugage

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Produced and Engineered by Ben Katzman
Recorded at House of Butch over summer 2012.
Bufu Records


released August 11, 2012

Vitor Viana-Vocals/Guitar
Alu Soto-Vocals/Guitar
Anthony Herrera-Bass/Vocals
Christian Herrera-Drums

Julian Mayfield - Alto saxophone, back-up vocals on "The Settings"
Dawson-Unhappy Fan

Special thanks:
Ben Katzman, Josh Figueroa, Great Scott, Adriana Viana, Paulo Araujo, Norma Herrera, Lucas Queiroz, Julian Mayfield, Sweat Records, Rusty Joe, Prof. Harold Hill, Veneranda Rose, Neil Patrick Harris, all of our family members, every band we’ve got to plays shows with, and all the women who fucked Alu over and inspired his songs.



all rights reserved


Slugage Miami, Florida

Slugage is a 4-piece punk rock group from Miami Beach, FL. All four of them came together in a filthy den at Christian Herrera’s and Anthony Herrera’s house. The den is where they kept their dogs and cats, but then they were joined by Vitor Viana and Alu Soto who began practicing there. That’s where they began playing together, and that’s where Slugage was born. ... more

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Track Name: The Settings
Tell me how it's gonna end, after I lose my very last friend. Should I continue even then?
All the lessons I've been taught, all the troubles that I've fought. They will not matter when I leave
To that god awful place where the creatures rape your face.
I never bought that anyway.

Nobody fights, nobody tries, the wounds are invisible if everyone is blind.
But we're all in love with those lies, that were planted in our heads, that they tell us when they're mad.
Someone fucked with the settings.
And all my peers think it's fine, society is alright.
That's just another lie.
Track Name: Scumbag City
Welcome to my town, throw balloons of piss at those who wear the crown.
Welcome to my city, from outside it looks so damn pretty.
We live in a land of pretenders, stealing someone's words, I'm a main offender.
It's like an explosion in a sewer, I sure as hell would like to think I'm better.
So was it worth it? How long can I pretend I'm fine?
So goodbye, I'm done asking if you people will be there.
I hope you enjoy your night, or have a seizure for all that I care.
I've got it all, I got all I need. This tiny room is enough for me.
These little thrills are worth everything, nothing compares in this city.
Track Name: Things I Wanna Be
I want to be a cockroach, so I survive radioactivity.
And I want to be in a pod of peas, so I can stop feeling so goddamn lonely.
And I want to be a grizzly bear, so I can make folks afraid.
Instead I'm more like a panda bear, because I never get laid.

And in all honesty, being human kind of sucks.
So those are the things that I want to be.

I want to be a fly... so I can fly.
And I want to be a a politician so I can just LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE
... about the things that I told you I did not do.
I'm sorry babe I wasn't good enough for you.
But I'll just pick up my guitar, and I'll sing an upbeat tune,
To forget about the boredom and the misery you put me through.

And in all honesty, being human really sucks.
So those are the things that I want to be.

And I wish I wasn't oh so bored, so I could have something to do.
And I want to be the apocalypse, so I can kill all of you.
Track Name: Pirates
You take all the the excitement away the moment you make that face.
There's no easy way to say good bye, but we'll try. (We'll try, we'll try).
There's no fanciness in the tears that we cry, but we'll cry. (We'll cry, we'll cry).
There's no happiness in the words that we'll say tonight.
Take it from me, I've been there before. I don't wanna go there anymore.
So I'll go and I'll stay for a while just to look at those goddamn gray tiles.
I don't wanna be sad anymore, so I'll deal with a couple of whores.
There are bigger fish in the sea, maybe love's not right for you and me.
But I realized that memory's a bore, no use in being mad anymore.
Build up courage and knock on your door just to see your face once more.
Track Name: Molly
And I said Molly, Molly, Molly me oh my.
I said I need you, need you, need you in my life.
And I said Molly please be mine.

I said you set a flame to my sixteen candles
and I loved you because you're so pretty in pink
I always wanted you in my breakfast song meetings
Track Name: Saturday Night
Well it's Saturday, man did last night suck.
I woke up late and I don't give a fuck.
Well I didn't mean to try to hurt you girl cause you know I love you.
I'm just like that after too much booze.
I'm gonna call some friends and make up for what I've done.
Yeah tonight I'm gonna have some fun.
I know that last night was a disaster, but come tonight and you'll feel much better.

But I know that tonight everything is gonna be alright.
We're gonna dance and party cause it's Saturday night.
Lie on the sand, and wait up until the sunrise.
Yeah we got no worries, no we got no fears cause it's Saturday night.

Everybody is here tonight, and we're in a pretty good vibe.
Responsibility is out of sight, and nobody's getting in a fist fight.
Everybody's loving, not hating, the band is here, and they are playing.
We feel so good girl, so I gotta ask ya, why don't you?

(contains sample from "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story")